The EDGE+ Total Transformation Package

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Improving one’s fitness is not limited to physical performance, the mental component is just as important.

There’s no doubt about it, a strong mind equals a strong body, therefore, Chris’s mission with the EDGE+ program is to help you:




When you register for The EDGE+ 12-Week TOTAL Transformation Program, you will receive the following:

To Strengthen YOUR MIND:

Mental fitness means keeping your mental and emotional health STRONG.

~ Receive a signed copy of Chris Delaney’s book BLIND STRENGTH. 28 years in the making, this Remarkably Inspiring Autobiography and Resurgence Strategy was designed specifically to Inspire YOU, while also helping you improve the way you think, act, feel, and see things.

Inside you will find the very same Strategy that helped Chris ADAPT, OVERCOME, and REINVENT himself despite being hit with tremendous adversity. These same strategies can be used to help you improve your situation, and your life.


When adversity strikes, not only are you left trying to make sense of what has happened, you may also be struggling to cope, dealing with a myriad of negative emotions that are filling your days with pain, sadness, uncertainty, and worry.

Sadly, the longer you allow the adversity to keep you down, the harder it will be to get back up. If anybody knows a thing or two about adversity, Chris Delaney certainly does. If Chris hasn’t experienced it himself, chances are he’s coached a client through it, therefore, he understands how difficult daily struggles can be.

Whatever the issue is that’s preventing you from THRIVING, just as he’s done for his clients for 30 years, Chris is passionate about wanting to help you change that in order to see YOU succeed.

Utilizing a unique skill set that he has aquired over 30 years of dealing with adversity, Chris will help you Gain The Clarity you need to help you realize your true potential, providing friendly, motivating support necessary to help you RISE UP, become STRONGER, and FEEL BETTER.

Each week for 12 weeks, you and Chris will spend one-hour together going through his very own BLIND STRENGTH Resurgence Strategy, applying it to your life so you can plot your new course and go after your goals as you strive to become the best version of yourself!

To do that the KEY is to make sure certain measures are put in place that will allow you to ADAPT and OVERCOME.

By going through each of his MindBuilders together, Chris will help you accomplish your goals and change your life, just as he’s done for himself and hundreds of clients over thirty years.

Throughout your time together Chris will help you develop a weekly game plan where you will gain increased STRENGTH, CLARITY, and FOCUS, both mentally and physically.

To Help Transform YOUR BODY:

~ 12-Week Customized Training Program:

Whether it’s to build muscle, burn fat, or a combination of both, you will receive a customized training program specifically designed to not only meet your goals but exceed them.

~ Chris Delaney’s 100+ Healthy Food Options Menu with built-in Digital Calculator:

Staying healthy by eating right is at the top of nearly everyone’s priority list. Unfortunately, when it comes to diet, it’s a lot tougher than it sounds, therefore, to make it easier on my clients I developed a unique tool that few trainers have that will make life easier for those Chris works with.

That tool – a digital calculator

The calculator was then integrated into Chris’s top 100+ DIETICIAN APPROVED Healthy Food Options Menu that has proven successful, not only for Chris, but also his clients for over 30 years.

Making it an easy tool to use was KEY.

Boredom leads to failure, therefore, keeping variety in mind, as you scroll through the menu building your own portion-controlled meal, choosing, mixing, and matching from a wide variety of items, the calculator adds up the totals of each macronutrient (proteins, carbs, and fats) based on your specific meall requirements.

~ The training app. (Coming Soon)

To make life easier Chris has developed his own app to bring all of this and more together for you.

From instructional exercise videos and weekly blasts of Chris’s top motivational quotes that have propelled him throughout his life, to your personal training and meal plans, everything you need in order to succeed is right at your fingertips.

The time to start is NOW, so let’s get you feeling better than you’ve ever felt!