Brenda L. U.

In the spring of 2016 I had decided that I needed to set a new goal for myself. I had always wanted to compete and I felt that I was ready mentally, physically and ready to take myself to the next level. When discussing this with my husband he suggested that we contact an established industry professional that he knew could coach me to success. That evening we reached out to Chris Delaney. After I connected with Chris and he reviewed some pictures of my physique he suggested that I compete in the physique class. After determining that I was indeed ready for this journey, Chris agreed to be my coach and in his final message he said to my husband ‘she is going to win this, she is going to kill it’. I was immediately stoked for the adventure that was to follow. Chris wasted no time and started on my training and nutrition plan immediately. We had decided to set our sights on the Abiad Open in Windsor the following year.

Chris provided me with a training plan to bring up my weaker areas particularly my legs. My husband being my trainer in the gym he motivated me through the work outs that Chris prescribed following each detail intimately. I sent Chris weekly picture updates so that he could monitor my progress and tweak my program accordingly. Chris sent me motivational quotes, messages of encouragement and called me often. He made me feel like I could do this. He could read when I was down or not on point and he would know exactly what to say to make me feel great. Chris’s motto was ‘I want you to enjoy this experience’. Over the year prior to my show I saw changes in my physique that I did not know would have been possible. My muscle detail started to come in, my legs were changing very quickly and I was the strongest that I have ever been. I was amazed at what I was accomplishing. Chris kept saying ‘you are going to kill this’. He then stared calling me ‘champ’. It was a funny little nuance however made me feel special. Right from the beginning I called Chris ‘Coach’.

As competition time was starting to draw near, I had met with Chris on a few occasions to review my training and nutrition plan. Chris changed things up for my contest preparation. All the while I was thoroughly enjoying the process was never hungry or uncomfortable. I was training harder than ever and Chris had me very focused on the win. Chris was my voice of positivity and kept me balanced. He set my mind on the win. We never deviated from this being our goal, the win. Through my training and diet I was working tirelessly posing every day for approx. one hour and developing my posing routine. I was ready and knew I had the best team in my corner that anyone could ask for.

Competition day had finally arrived and everyone else seemed nervous except for me. Chris was very composed and focused to ensure everything was in place for me. Chris made sure I rested and oversaw my food and fluid consumption like a calculated science down to the last minute. Chris accompanied me back stage and while reserved and composed he seemed excited for what was to follow. The pre judging went very well and I ended up in the middle. My Masters Physique class was made up of 13 competitors who all looked great. I ended up placed in the middle by the judges. In bodybuilding competition this is general indicator of first place. Chris was very excited yet still reserved and composed for the night show. I was awarded first place by the judges and words cannot describe my personal feeling of accomplishment. Chris was in tears and proud as a coach should be. I knew I was in the best possible hands and I could not have selected a more experienced, proven coach to teach, lead and mentor me through this experience. We never lost sight of my ultimate goal and Chris helped me will it to happen. There was not one part of my experience with Chris Delaney that wasn’t anything short of perfect. Chris learned my body so quickly that he was able to make me achieve what I never dreamt was possible for me. Chris coached me to my next show which was the National Pro Qualifier. Chris wasn’t concerned about the win for this show rather getting the experience under my belt as I was essentially a new comer to the sport.
I have built a lifelong friendship with Chris. What Chris has had to overcome in his life with losing his vision and turning his experience towards helping others is incredible and selfless and was a motivation to me. He is a powerful mentor with an energy that is relentless. For anyone who is looking for a coach whether it be for competing or to simply better themselves and achieve a personal goal, look no further than Chris Delaney. When my husband said he was going to connect me with the best there is, he was right.


Lisa S.

Chris Delaney turned me into a fat burning machine! Thanks to Chris’ easy to follow meal plan and pre-contest training split I was able to shed 20lbs of body fat in 12 weeks all while maintaining my lean body mass. These results got me a first place medal (in my division) in my very first OPA figure competition. Chris Delaney is a dedicated coach and now a dear friend. Thank you Chris for all your support every step of the way.



I’ve been competing for just over three years now going from Local and Regional shows to Provincial Championships. I just recently competed at the 2017 Nationals Championships where not only did I get my first win, by also my PRO CARD as well. However, I would never have been able to make it this far if it wasn’t for my great friend and coach Chris Delaney. I met Chris when I started working at GoodLife Fitness three years ago. I had just come out of a dark place in my life and Chris was there to take me under his wing and help me put together a plan to better my life. My dream was to compete, and seeing as Chris had competed and excelled in the sport and helped coach other people, he agreed to help me. Chris helped me through my competitions, continuing to be patient through my impatientNess and slip ups and secrets. He’s taught me most of what i know today, in regards to working out and meal planning for success, but also has never stopped teaching me life lessons , continually motivating me and believing that I had what it takes to be somebody. It’s rare to come across people who genuinely care as much as Chris does about everything in his life. His passions, his friends, his family, strangers, and his own beliefs. There is no one I am prouder to call my friend and best coach than Chris. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. What an amazing journey!!


Kristen W.

At 5’4, 160 lbs. with a body fat percent of 31, I was considered obese according to Health Canada. I was 34 years old and desperately wanted to live a healthy and active lifestyle for myself and for my son. I hired a personal trainer but after 6 months and seeing minimal results I felt defeated. After meeting Chris, experiencing his positive outlook, learning of the struggles he has overcome and of his many accomplishments, he inspired me to persevere and continue my journey to a healthier lifestyle. With Chris’s guidance and his extensive knowledge of nutrition and fitness I began so see results in 2 weeks! The weight and inches kept melting away and I developed muscle definition! I lost 40 lbs., and 21% Body Fat. I am now 35, I maintain a steady weight of 120 lbs, and 10% Body Fat. Throughout my journey Chris was always there to guide and to inspire me to keep persevering.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Chris for helping me achieve & exceed my goals of not only changing my physical appearance, but above all, my self-esteem and overall health.


Rob S.

As a fan of sports, I often hear about athletes being impacted by a coach or mentor. Somebody that inspires them to push their beliefs and themselves to extremes and heights they’ve never dreamed of. I grew up always dreaming of becoming a professional wrestler, baseball player and basketball player. Although I had minor success in baseball by being invited to scouting combines nothing ever panned out. In my early 20’s I had been staying in shape with weight training and jogging, always keeping myself in shape for recreation basketball and baseball leagues. I struggled to achieve personal goals in the gym because of lack of knowledge and laziness to push myself.

Fast forward to 2012…

I was now playing less recreation sports and trying to improve my personal goals in the weight room and physically. I was walking my dog down by the water front one day when I saw a gentleman with what I considered to be the most impressive athletic/bodybuilder physique approaching me with his dog. We exchanged a “Hello!” and carried on about our business. I didn’t think much of that encounter but it made me motivates to work harder, even if I can’t pull off looking as impressive as that man. A few days had gone by. I was at the gym as usual when I saw a that same gentleman from the waterfront. I immediately approached him and introduced myself. I told him that we crossed paths a few days prior and the fact that he was at my gym, which wasn’t a popular one, meant that I had to pay him the compliment that I wanted to earlier. I told him how impressive I felt he looked and he humbly said “Thank you very much”. To my surprise , he introduced himself as Chris and paid me a compliment in return. He then also challenged me to prepare for a physique competition which he felt I had the right type of look for. I had never thought of anything like that before but I was hungry for better results and he seemed like the key to helping me. He put together a meal and training plan that he told me would make all the difference in my goals for myself. I had no hesitancy with anything he told me to do. Chris mentioned to me that he felt with the genetics I had I was better suited for bodybuilding. I had never thought of bodybuilding as something I would attempt but I always wanted to build the best muscle I possibly could so it was kind of a no brainer. So the plan was set. I was going to prepare myself for the upcoming physique competition later that year and then continue working with Chris to transition into a different style of training and eating that would have me ready to

compete on a bodybuilding stage. With as new as a structured diet and training program was to me I found myself fully absorbing every bit of information Chris gave me. He would check in on me, ask if I felt I needed any changes to anything and even gave me creative ways to make healthy eating fun. After months of preparation and focus it was finally time to display the hard work and discipline on stage with the other men who trained for the competition. I was fortunate enough to place 2nd in my class and take home a nice trophy as a reminder of the hard work and dedication that went into preparing for that date. Now it was time to get down to business..

It was the fall of 2012. I had taken roughly 2 weeks off from training in the gym and was eager to get back at it with a completely different goal in mind. Chris had just helped me take my weight from 215lbs to 190lbs and we were looking at climbing back to that weight as a goal to compete in a class with Heavyweights. We basically had 6 months to yet again transform my body and to be ready for a regional competition in May. The thing that surprised me the most was having to increase my calories and meal size. I found myself adapting to the changes just like Chris had figured I would. He always seemed to know exactly what my body needed in terms of diet to make my results in the gym better. I found the alterations made to my diet and training was working. I was definitely experiencing more soreness in my muscles from training only based on the increase in weight and different exercises I was performing to achieve our set goal. As time passed I grew more confident in the changes to my body that were occurring . When May arrived I was feeling confident that with the coaching I had received I was again ready to step on stage and display the hard work and dedication put in to creating this different body type. After it was all said a d done I had placed 3rd out of 19 men and qualified for the provincial the following year, which I also took 3rd place in. I feel blessed to have been recognized on those stages but even more blessed that I worked with a coach that legitimately cared about me, my goals, my health and now my future plans with competing in bodybuilding.

More importantly than the finishes to me is the fact that I had been impacted by someone the way that I always hoped to be in sports. Chris not only showed me how to eat and train but how to respect my body. His mentorship throughout the preparation to me was something that I will never forget. He literally asked me to put my complete faith in him and trust the knowledge he had in order to achieve my goals and go above and beyond where I thought I could take myself mentally and physically.

Chris has continued to inspire me from the day that I met him. He is my coach in bodybuilding and for that I am grateful. I am so appreciative of the fact that he is someone who genuinely cares to help people find greatness in themselves whether it involves just having some clothes feel less tight when wearing them or winning a competition. That infectious way of teaching is how I try to help those who come to me for help and guidance the same way I did when meeting Chris.

Chris Delaney Fitness


Isaiah C.

Chris Delaney, Hands down One of the most genuine, dedicated coaches out there. I had just got back from vacation & wanted to commit to my first men’s physique show. With such short time only 5 weeks prep compared to 12 weeks, Chris managed to put together a routine for me which qualified me for the provincial show. That’s what you call a coach.


Simon B.

My name is Simon and I reached out to Chris to help me prepare for my first Pro Qualifier Classic bodybuilding competition. I had been working with a coach but he was unreliable and could not be counted on. I was extremely disheartened and discouraged.

After meeting a police officer at a charity golf tournament who competes, he strongly recommended his Coach- Chris. Although Chris had a full roster he was happy to help me. Chris was extremely attentive, very knowledgeable and really cared. He was someone who was always there to answer questions if I had any throughout my training. Chris helped me with posing and got me dialled in for my first Pro Qualifier where I took 4th place amongst some great competitors. I continue to work with Chris and recommend him to those looking to compete.
As a former firefighter, Chris is also helping me as I go through police training, preparing me for the physical testing as he does this for others as well. It has been a great experience right from the start and I couldn’t be happier.


Duncan S.

From start to finish it was a great experience with Chris. Other coaches I had in the past let me down by not being there when I needed them. Not only was Chris there as a coach but as a friend, getting me through some difficult times throughout the process. I won my competition and it’s the best I ever looked. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for someone to be there for you and get you in Peak condition.


Al P.

I first met Chris Delaney in 2006 when we were working out at the same gym. At that time I was looking to improve my over all fitness level. I had been active in sports my whole life, but reaching my mid 50’s, I realized I needed to focus on strengthening my body and weights and cardio seemed to be a good fit.

In the early days I remember being motivated just by watching Chris when he worked out. It was incredible to witness his dedication, passion and determination day in and day out. He showed up everyday, giving 110% . Yet, even though, Chris was focused on his own training, he was more than happy to share his knowledge and he would offer helpful tips that would enable me to improve my own form. (Up until then I had this preconceived idea that my gains were going to be limited due to my age.) I made a point of implementing everything Chris suggested and to my surprise, I began to see big changes in my physique. His passion for bodybuilding was so inspiring, that I started training with him in 2007.

I first met Chris Delaney in 2006 when we were working out at the same gym. At that time I was looking to improve my over all fitness level. I had been active in sports my whole life, but reaching my mid 50’s, I realized I needed to focus on strengthening my body and weights and cardio seemed to be a good fit.

In the early days I remember being motivated just by watching Chris when he worked out. It was incredible to witness his dedication, passion and determination day in and day out. He showed up everyday, giving 110% . Yet, even though, Chris was focused on his own training, he was more than happy to share his knowledge and he would offer helpful tips that would enable me to improve my own form. (Up until then I had this preconceived idea that my gains were going to be limited due to my age.) I made a point of implementing everything Chris suggested and to my surprise, I began to see big changes in my physique. His passion for bodybuilding was so inspiring, that I started training with him in 2007.


Linda K.

To my most trusted and inspirational coach and friend Chris, AKA Gymmie Son. Through your guidance and care, you gave me direction and the motivation to get myself back to good health and into good physical shape. With a proper diet program, the right supplements, and a training program to suit me, I was able to reach my goals. Your knowledge and supervision go above and beyond. You are the most devoted and caring person to all who ask. You’ve shown me there are no boundaries, the skies the limit.

Greg and I are so happy we are finally able to make this vacation happen, and we both feel it would not have been possible without ALL of your care, your concern, your guidance. You are genuinely an amazing and honourable man and I am so fortunate to have crossed your path! You are and always will remain my most respected friend!!
So looking forward for fun in the sun. Eternally grateful, Linda Kraatz


Ali N.

My name is Ali and one of the things I was always determined to do was compete in a physique competition. I was a trainer for years but felt I needed a competition behind me to give me more credibility so I asked Chris for help. I had seen the success he himself has had as well as the success he constantly gets for his clients so it was a no brainer. Chris is very knowledgeable and so passionate about helping others that I felt I was in good hands. Not only did he help me win my first show but I also went on to take 3rd at the Provincial Championships which wss amazing.

Chris helped me put it all together and get me in great shape and I strongly recommend him to anyone else who’s looking for a great coach no matter what your fitness goals are.


John & Christine

Christine and I began our fitness journey together at the beginning of 2016. We met Chris shortly there after in the fall of 2016 and he changed our fitness lives forever. We were like most gym goers; we went to the gym 5 days a week and after 9 months had seen little results for the effort we were putting in. It’s not like Christine and I were new to the gym as we had been members for well over 25 years. We had just decided to get serious as we were entering our 50’s and began to feel the need to really get back into shape.

Well, it was clear after meeting with Chris to discuss our goals we were not eating or exercising properly. We new what we were doing wasn’t working we just didn’t realize how we were never going to meet our objectives without Chris’s expertise. Chris created a meal/supplement plan and exercise program unique to our objectives. He explained the meal/supplement plan in detail helping us understand why the meal plan was designed the way it was so that if we had to make choices at a family event for example we could make good choices without derailing our plan. We were never hungry while on the meal plan in fact at the beginning it was hard to eat all the food. It’s surprising how hard it is to eat the required number of calories when the food is clean.

He also created an exercise plan. He just didn’t hand over the exercise plan but met with us to personally walk through each of the exercises to be sure we were executing them with the proper form and intensity. I can’t explain how helpful this was. I was blown away by how a subtle change in grip and technique made such a difference in working the targeted muscle. This was a real eye opener for us both. Well, let me tell you. Good advice and instruction paid off quick. I lost 18 lbs in 9 weeks and Christine lost 8lbs in the same 9-week period. One of the mistakes Christine and I made was not taking pictures and measurements of ourselves before the process began.

But what I can tell you for sure was before Chris’s plan I weighted 187 lbs and my waist was 35” carrying most of my fat around the abdomen and 9 weeks later I weighted 169 lbs with a waist of 31”. My body fat dropped from 22% to 13% in the same period. The best part was that we both maintained most of all our muscle and strength in the process. I have since learned that this is difficult to do unless you have the right recipe so to speak. My weight lose journey stopped at this point and Chris modified both my meal plan and exercise plan more suitable for muscle building while controlling fat. Christine continued with her weight lose objective and over a 10-month period lost 22 lbs and tremendously increased her strength during this period. Her body fat went from 26% to 18% and her shape changed drastically.

Most recently, we gained additional insight electing to further understand our bodies and how it can most efficiently respond to exercise and diet by participating in CRISSFIT’S Genetic Testing Program. The results of this genetic testing have been truly remarkable. We learned what are bodies can and can not tolerate, what type of exercise most efficiently produces results based on our objectives and insight into a number of health related items. As a result of this genetic testing both our meal plans and exercise plans have been optimized and the results have been outstanding.

Furthermore, at any point during our journey Chris never left us hanging. He was always available to answer questions or concerns and was always happy to help. We would recommend Chris to anyone interested in losing fat and/or gaining muscle in a safe and effective manner. Chris has proven to be a professional trainer who is truly interested in your success. We are so grateful to have met him and he has forever changed our lives.



I believe Chris is the person he is today because of the obstacles he’s faced in his life. I had the pleasure of being trained by Chris for a couple of years or 3 figure competitions He was hands down the best trainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. His dedication, discipline, and expertise in his field are truly inspiring. He taught me so much about weight training, lifting techniques, food matrix and the process of competing. Most of all, he taught me to give it my all and believe in myself. I am truly blessed to have both workout with him and to call him my friend.


Jesse B.

My name is Jesse and I asked Chris to coach me as I wanted to do a bodybuilding competition. The only challenge was, I was an over weight 287 lbs and determined to do a show before Year’s End.
Chris helped me get down from 287 to a competition weight of 215 and I took 3rd place in my show. The experience was awesome. Chris is an amazing coach. He’s extremely attentive, caring, genuine and kind. Not only is he my coach, he’s my friend.
I would recommend Chris as a coach to anyone, and I always do. He will help you to reach your goals whatever they may be. Chris will always be my coach and he’s the only man I would pick to help me with any prep.
Highly recommended :)


Barry H.

I have known Chris for 30 years, and have never seen a more dedicated trainer. As a person who has trained my whole life, I have had many trainers and none of them compare to Chris. Chris will take you to the next level and beyond. His knowledge and dedication is second to none! If you want to be the best you can be then you must have Chris as your personal trainer. I’m not just his friend, I’m his client and he helped me reach a level I never thought possible. Whatever your goals may be, Chris is the man to get you there. At 52 years old Chris trained me for my first bodybuilding show. I placed second and qualified for the provincials. I couldn’t have accomplished this without Chris. His knowledge and support went beyond my expectations.


Don & Debbie

There comes a time when you decide you want to go somewhere you have never been.

First you decide to do it, then to get there successfully you need a map that will show you the way.

My wife and I decided that it was time to lose some weight. We enlisted Chris to help design our own personal Roadmap to our final destination.

We gained weight because we over indulged in the fun stuff Pasta Bread Milk Potato chips and other junk food etc … get the picture.

He came up with an eating plan after answering some questions ie how much weight did we want to lose and how we spent our day. That coupled with a workout routine at our local gym.

This was to be stretched out over a 3 month period.

#1 we were committed to our goal and now we had the Roadmap to get there.

We used his eating schedule and you know what we were never hungry. Add to that that it was healthy and tasty. Also we were able to have one day where we could have a cheat meal or a Big Juicy Burger so we didn’t feel totally deprived.

We started mid February and by mid May we arrived at our destination and not only that we felt great, looked great and had an overall feeling of achievement. Big Bonus was that the Blood Pressure levels were way down. I actually think I was down 25 pounds at one point.

We loved Chris’ plan because it worked just like he said it would over a period of time.

Commitment and the Roadmap worked.

Once you are there the next challenge is staying there ……But you always have the Roadmap.


Trisha T.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and after reading this I believe you will strongly agree I am living proof. When I met Chris I was depressed, overweight, unhappy, fatigued, confused, and felt very stuck in my life. I was the heaviest I have ever been at 245 pounds. Although I had years of experience and knowledge in weight training I felt I wasn’t pushing myself enough to make any progression with my health nor my appearance. Here’s the thing; I am a two time cancer survivor and the lifestyle I was living was fatal to my health. They say to trust the timing in your life and what made me make this decision quickly was being introduced to Chris at a time where my family doctor told me that If I continued the lifestyle I was living I was destined to end up back in a hospital; sick and fighting for my life yet again. It took some self realization that I could not do this on my own so the choice was obvious and I turned to Chris of ChrisFit.

With the knowledge, experience, positive spirit, and plan Chris had planned out for me as well as having my mom join me in working with Chris it made the transition of a new lifestyle smoother than I had expected it to be. Chris takes his passion for helping people reach optimal results to the next level by helping you gain greater knowledge of what exactly will work for you and your body. His nutrition and fitness plan is far beyond others which also brings you to a new level of willpower. Chris always provides guidance and a willingness to be by your side. Whether you are having a weak moment or a craving, Chris is always there for a phone call or late night text and will provide you with the tools and motivation to push through those most difficult and challenging times. This is the key to succeed.

Today I can say I reached my goal of losing 65 pounds and have gained the strength to push myself, stay committed and dedicated to looking and feeling my absolute best. I am energetic and most importantly I feel I am most authentic self. Chris reminded me of my reality of having a second chance at life, allowing your BLIND STRENGTHS to shine through. His best weapon; honesty. He doesn’t tell you want you want to hear, he tells you what you need to hear and that is where the growth and transformation happens . “Team work makes the dream work” and if you haven’t already figured it out by making the decision to learn from and work with Chris, I am living and continuously building my dreams with a future goal of working towards a 100 pound weight loss. Chris not only is my mentor, coach, and trainer he is one of my dear friends. IF I can comeback from cancer, depression, and a loss of hope for life, I believe YOU CAN TOO.


Daniela D.

– Daniela is an ambitious and highly motivated 22 year-old who has an incredible work ethic. If carrying a 3.8 grade average in college while holding down two jobs during a pandemic wasn’t enough, Daniela made a commitment to herself to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

After making the decision to not allow the pandemic to negatively impact her life, Daniela stood strong and decided to embrace the challenge rather than fear it. Working out of my home gym, together we put a great plan in place to increase her strength, boost her confidence, increase her energy, and lift her spirits. Daniela has been an incredible source of happiness for me as she shows up always on time, never misses a workout and ALWAYS has a smile on her face.

Daniela, you are an amazing person. The respect I have for what you’ve been through, having faced your own challenges is a testament to your strength and resiliency. You’ve been a joy to be around and I will always look back on our time together during the pandemic with pride and happy memories. Watching you become stronger in every way has been awesome and I love seeing the confidence you now carry with you.

Stay strong and let’s keep it going!


Cass S.

– I began working with Cass when she was only 16 after her mom asked if I’d be willing to help her pursue her dream of becoming a firefighter or paramedic. Since she had never been in a gym before there was a little hesitation on her mom’s part but I gave her my word that I would not only help her succeed, but I would also look out for her in the gym, just as I would if she was my little sister. That was three years ago, and now, I’m proud to say, Cass recently graduated from the Fire Services program at College and her strength and endurance has improved so much, this little power-packed machine led her class in virtually ALL of the physical abilities tests. From rope pulls, sled drags, and stair climbs wearing a weighted vest, to victim drags, runs, and push-ups, Cass is showing everyone that great things do come in little packages and that hard work will pay off.

Despite the challenges the pandemic has had on her training, it hasn’t stopped Cass, we just worked around it.

I’m so proud of you Cass, keep up the great work. You’re an inspiration to so many including myself. You are going to make a difference in a lot of people’s lives so keep on going.


Wesley A.

– Nobody could have anticipated the world coming to an abrupt stop due to a global pandemic but it did and rather than get down, Wesley didn’t let it stop him from pursuing his love for soccer and embracing the challenges.

For Wesley, who happens to be a “SOCCER FREAK,” we put together a couple sport specific plans that involved resistance and endurance training, along with some fast feet and ball handling exercises. Wesley embraced the training with complete commitment.

I am proud to say that this highly ambitious and incredibly driven 16 year-old was recently recruited to play on a semi-pro soccer team.

Wesley, you are well on your way to a professional soccer career and I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Can’t wait to sit in the stands and cheer you on one day. Way to go Wesley!


Caleb & Mackenzie G.

– Recently married at the age of 21, Caleb and Mackenzie are two of the nicest and most caring people I have had the pleasure to work with. They share an incredible love for one another which is awesome to be around! Along with Caleb’s involvement in the volunteer Fire Department, his passion for helping others and his desire to train hard, as I help Caleb prepare for the Police and Fire Services physical test, I can’t help but see a lot of similarities between the two of us.

I’m also incredibly proud of the determination that Mackenzie has put forth, reshaping her body and dropping 45 pounds in the process.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to help you both and I wish you good health and a happy life together, especially with your new baby on the way. Congratulations.


Tania T.

– Tania reached out to me in need of guidance while facing some extraordinary challenges. After losing her mother who she was extremely close too to cancer, Tania fought through the painful realities of a divorce, leaving her to raise her two beautiful children as a single mom. Lost and struggling with the challenges a single mom is forced to face, Tania needed to find a magnificent challenge to immerse herself in. She needed something that would give her strength, confidence, and structure while she endured this very dark time in her life. With a love for fitness, Tania turned to me to help her pursue a bucket list goal she had always wanted to do – compete in a fitness bikini competition. Tania set her sights on an upcoming fitness show. With only 10 weeks to prepare, despite it being short notice I put together a strategic plan that got her focused. I’m proud to say that in an outstanding show of strength and determination, Tania defied the odds and in only 10 weeks, she went on to take 4th place in the competition, beating out a very competitive class of over 15 women.

Not only did Tania demonstrate to her children how RESILIENT the human spirit can be in the wake of adversity, she also became a shining example of what a role model truly is, showing her kids that even in the darkest of times, with a positive attitude – ANYTHING is possible.

Tania, you are a CHAMPION in life and I am honored that you came to me for help. There’s nothing you can’t do, and I’m sure your kids are incredibly proud of their mom, I sure am.


Aaron D.

– Every day is a battle for Aaron. As he fights the relentless pull of addiction, the fight to turn his life around following some of his darkest years has truly been inspiring. Like so many kids struggling to make sense of their parents divorce, Aaron was no different.

At the young age of 13, and one of six children, Aaron rebelled getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. As in many cases, Aaron didn’t have an outlet to release his frustrations so he turned to what his “friends” were doing and began escaping his hardships by using recreational drugs. Throughout his years Aaron fought with temptation and addiction until a few years back when he came to me with a hunger to make positive changes in his life. I introduced Aaron to a training strategy that would provide him with STRUCTURE, FOCUS, GUIDANCE, STRENGTH, and PURPOSE.

I’m proud to say that at 29, Aaron has been clean for the past four years. A roofer by trade, Aaron started his own roofing business during the pandemic, got himself a nice home and trained with the HEART and WILL of a CHAMPION.

After having experienced similar challenges myself, I have a very special place in my heart for Aaron. To know what direction his life was heading compared to where he is today makes me emotional when I think about it, like right now as I type.

Aaron, I am so proud of the man that you have become and I’m lucky to call you a friend. The world IS a better place with you in it, please know that always. Stay strong Aaron, you are AWESOME and one heck of an inspiration to me and many others.


Charlene F.

Any time the word “CANCER” enters your world, it rocks it. At 49, Charlene’s health was in jeopardy after a fear of thyroid cancer shook her world. It turns out that in fact it was Hashimoto’s disease which typically progresses slowly over years and causes chronic thyroid damage. The symptoms are mainly those of an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism can include fatigue and sluggishness, increased sensitivity to cold, hair loss, unexplained weight gain, muscle aches, tenderness, stiffness, muscle weakness & joint pain and stiffness), all things that would normally impact a person’s training…but not Charlene’s.

Rather than play the victim and allow her diagnosis to define who she is, Charlene chose to rise above her disease and its symptoms and fight, driven to make positive changes to her physique and her life. Charlene came to me with a goal to improve her health, reshape her physique, and pursue fitness with a passion. I designed a plan for her and the changes we made in such a short period of time were absolutely fantastic and a testament to her COURAGE, DETERMINATION, and STRENGTH both mentally and physically

I’m proud of you Charlene.

You’re an inspiration to many, including me. Stay strong and focused!