BLIND STRENGTH - How to Adapt, Overcome and Reinvent Yourself in the Wake of Adversity - Now Available Online


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is the story of one man’s struggle to ADAPT, OVERCOME, and REINVENT himself in the wake of adversity.

He was 22, enjoying a promising new career as a firefighter with aspirations to play pro football. Then, tragedy struck and like dominoes, everything that mattered to him began to fall.

Chris Delaney was going BLIND.

As his sight worsened and his life spiraled, debilitating depression began to overwhelm him. Broken andin despair he watched as his career, income, license, independence, football, and once perfect sight,vanished. Unable to make sense of what was happening, Chris turned to alcohol to numb the pain. With his judgement severely clouded, Chris attempted to end his life. If it weren’t for two friends who unexpectedly dropped by his house and raced him to the hospital, Chris wouldn’t be here today to share his remarkable story. Witnessing the pain this caused his mother, and with a newfound appreciation for life,

Chris vowed he would RISE AGAIN.

Now, 30 years later, from cycling Canada, to building schools in Africa, discover the comeback story of a lifetime along with the ResurgenceStrategy Chris developed, enabling him to OVERCOME unimaginable hardships on his way to becoming
“One of the Top 10 Innovators in Canadian Food” and “One of the top 100 Canadians to watch for”.